Preventos Informatics Oy

Preventos has been created by three water and information technology experts. Each of the three has developed into an expert in their field, following their own paths for 20 years, until in 2018 this diverse expertise began to be offered to customers in the name of an established company.

The vision and guiding goal of our company is to enable the sufficiency of clean water for future generations. What we do comes from a passion for the sport - we get to do things that matters to us. In order to achieve ideological goals, we utilize modern ICT technology.

We also want to think outside the box and therefore we prefer to offer services rather than equipment deliveries. We have noticed the added value of the experience generated by the experience for our customers. Because of the total service, our customers can focus on their own core business without any unnecessary worries.

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The starting point for what we do is human: we want to provide tools to make everyday life easier and to perform better. With site-specific services, we improve the operation, safety and cost-effectiveness of water systems and promote the wise use of resources.

Knowledge does not increase pain, but by measuring things remain under control. With continuous monitoring, you get near real-time information about the operation of the water system, which allows you to quickly identify leaks, anticipate water use and plan remediation and maintenance work.

In addition to information services, we offer a wide range of expert work in matters related to water technology, such as engineering design, network modeling, sensor measurements, data transfer, automatic data analysis, and database and software services.

Services for water utilities

Preventos' water utilities services have been developed into cost-effective tools to improve water distribution and sewage systems management and to improve the productivity of investments. The services are aiming at well-managed water supply and sewerage assets, so that current and future water users can rely on the quality of operations.

The services we are providing are based on cloud computing and easy-to-use and secure browser-based user interface that is available on both mobile devices and office computers. The following services are available to make the everyday life of water utilities easier:

  • Network Information Service (NIS)
  • Customer Information System (CIS)
  • Real-time measurement and reporting service for water network operations (DMA-District Metered Area )
  • Real-time measurement and reporting service for sewerage and stormwater network management
  • SMS and email service for customer information purposes
  • Water meter data entry service for customers
  • Services for utilizing smart water meter data
  • Pressure shock detection and analyzing services

Services for real estates

Preventos provides water system management and control for the properties. The services include property- or apartment-specific smart water meters and related services for property owners, property managers and residents. We strive to implement the solutions in good co-operation with the customer so that the best possible result is achieved in the implementation. In addition to water consumption monitoring and billing information, our service also covers the necessary smart meter alarm services, such as leak detector and frost hazard alarm, as well as mobile user interfaces for customers.

Services for Industry

Preventos provides the industry with expertise in managing water and other flow systems in production. Solid knowledge of field measurements, flow technology, data transfer and processing, and programming form the basis for a competent and high-quality service.

Services are provided for the management of both process waters and waters discharged into the environment. Our measurement, management and optimization services aim at significant financial savings and optimization of use of resources in accordance with sustainable development. With a continuous flow management service, you can optimize production efficiency and identify disturbances.

The management service operates either as an outsourced back-end service, offering water flow monitoring and optimization as a secure cloud service, or integrated into the plant's own automation system.


The city of Kuopio

Kuopion kaupunki, logo

  • Implementation of flow, surface level and rainfall measurements in the flood risk area of the stormwater network (2020)
  • Calibration of the Snellmaninkatu stormwater flood risk area model and flood risk elimination options (2020)
  • Instructions for stormwater modeling (2020)
  • Field measurements for the calibration of the Maljapuro-Multimäki stormwater model (2020)

Kuopio Water

Kuopion Vesi, logo

  • Delivery and commissioning of field devices for sewage flood alarms and sewer level measurement (from 2020)
  • Delivery of pressure gauge and measurement campaign (from 2020)

Pieksänkoski Water Cooperative

  • Customer information management system development (2020)
  • Implementation of customer and network information system (from 2019)

Tyyrinvirta water cooperative

Tyyrinvirran Vesiosuuskunta, logo

  • District Metered Area measurement system for Water supply (from 2019)
  • Project for the introduction of smart water meters(from 2020)

Jätekukko Oy

Jätekukko Oy, logo

  • Continuous open flow measurements and water level measurements of basins and measurement reporting system (from 2019)

Valio Corporation

Valio Oyj, logo

  • Delivery of pressure shock detection device and investigation of the causes of pressure shocks in process piping systems by data analysis in order to recognize the automation steps that cause the shocks (from 2019)


Development of smart water safety services

Vipuvoimaa EU:sta logo

A business development project supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) developed the intelligent functions of a back-end system for digital IoT-based water services and tested new low-cost IoT technologies for wireless data transmission. The project was implemented between 8 November 2018 and 31 May 2020.

Real-time monitoring as part of groundwater risk management

Hallituksen kärkihankkeet -logo

The project of the government's national flagship project developed a continuous water quality monitoring system suitable for the needs of water intakes and piloted it in four different groundwater abstractions. The project was coordinated by THL and implemented by the University of Oulu, EHP Environment Oy and Preventos Informatics Oy. The project was implemented between 1 October 2018 and 31 March 2020.